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Event vs Venue Photography: Your Marketing Needs Both

Your guests plan their memorable events in your space, and they hire professionals to help them save those memories to remind them of what they shared for years to come. Often, the photographer is nice enough to share some of those images with you so that you can show off their skills and what can be created in your venue. We often see venue Instagram feeds full of amazing decor and happy people.

And that’s fantastic, but an event photographer is focused on capturing the memories of the people at the event. That means yes, a few shots of the decor and maybe a few of the room as a whole. However, they aren’t focused on the details that make your venue unique, the ones that help potential guests make a decision on hosting their own event there – unless it’s another wedding or social.

News flash – business event planners aren’t all that interested in satin tiebacks, bouquets, and the wedding party’s candids. In fact, the number one complaint we hear from our Planner members is that there aren’t enough pictures of the event space – only event decor.

The #1 complaint we hear from our Planner members is that there aren’t enough pictures of the event space.

Our Planner members want to know if their conference attendees will be comfortable in your chairs. Whether the wifi connection is strong enough for all their attendees to share snapshots to their social media feeds during their presentation. What does your space look like configured for a workshop or seminar?

Real estate or venue photography is about your space, showing it in ways that both social and business event planners can appreciate what you have to offer them. Marketing for social events is well-served by your partnerships with your guests’ event photographers.

Marketing to small business and corporate planners so you can #BookMoreWeekdays requires investing in a professional who is skilled at showing a room to its advantage. Architectural and real estate photography is quite different than photographing people and is a commercial photography specialization closer to product photography in scope. Of course, the product is much bigger!

Both event and venue photography are essential to your marketing mix. Make sure you’re choosing the right tools for the job.

Author: VenuGeek

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